Sobrang nakaka-iyak! Post Ng Isang Netizen Kung Paano Binawian Ng Buhay Ang Mahal Niyang Asawa At Ama Ng Kanyang Anak, Nagviral

Losing your spouse can definitely feel like you’ve lost a part of your soul. Unquestionably, there’s nothing easy about living a life after the person you loved the most went away. For a grieving wife who recently posted about her heartache on Facebook, she hoped that her husband’s fate serves as a lesson to all.

The young woman couldn’t believe that the love of her life is now gone. She was hoping that the tragedies that fell on them was only a dream but sadly, that isn’t the case. All in all, the grieving wife doesn’t know what to do, as she is forced to live a life without her spouse.

He didn’t just leave behind a wife but also a three-month-old baby who is now going to grow up without a father.

daddy iloveyou kung pwede lang na samahan kita habang tulog ka gagawin ko. Kaso pano si rv? Bkt mo kame iniwan, wala na akong kaaway at aasaring rabbit [sad emoji] napaka bata mopa hindi ko matanggap pero kailngan ko maging matatag para kay rv.”

The young man seemingly asked permission from his wife if he come home late because he was going to work overtime. Ssurprisingly, it was a lie since he went drinking with friends. After the fun night, the man decided to ride his motorcycle home while tipsy. It led to an accident that took him away from his young family.

Kaya sana yung nangyare sayo maging aral yan sa mga kaibigan mo at wag nang maulit sa iba. Pag lasing na wag nang mag motor pa para iwas disgrasya.”

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